We have a special opportunity...

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“We have the capacity to make this the best generation in humankind or the last...Really it rests with the educated people, if educated people aren't going to do it, then no one is going to do it. We have a special opportunity to make a difference.”   

Bobby Kennedy, 1965


Our problems in Ireland are complex and intertwined. We have lost our direction, brow-beaten by a two-tier economy that no longer serves the interest of the citizen but the power of special interests.

Our narrative in the public sphere is lacks real vision. However we can influence change. Our problems are solvable.

What we must do, as the educated people of Ireland, is take matters into our own hands with the tools at our disposable, creating a place where we can discuss our problems, offer solutions and force action on our behalf.

Share is a small step in providing our public sphere with a place where the people of our island can discover engaging content that provokes thought and encourages positive action.

Our vision is simply for a better country, where values are respected, love is cherished, work ethic is important, and vision is rewarded. What is yours?

If you like what you see, please, share.